Ex Mazda Rally Team Europe
Cars and parts

This is a life time chance to get Ex Factory cars and Parts.

Car 008
Early 1988 spec car, ex Hannu Mikkola


Car 012
1990 spec, ex Ingvar Carlsson and more drivers.


All parts is from Mazda Rally Team Europe.


Aprox 100 Wheels


Engine parts, faktory crankshaft and engineblock.


Aprox 90 shockabsorbers.


Manny parts are marked with car nr and driver names.


All the jigs for the cars.



From Australia 1990



X-TRAC parts


Calle Samzelius, SWEDEN
Phone 0046 70 6512285  only speak swedish.
Email in english calle_samzelius@yahoo.se

Or you can contakt Fredrik, he speak English, German, Finish, Polish.
Phone 0046 70 4248815


Price for the 2 cars and all the parts.

600.000SEK or 65.000Euro